Getting arrested is an extremely stressful experience on many fronts. When individuals are charged with a crime, they are taken from their family, their community, and their source of income and treated like a criminal. You need a criminal lawyer with the experience and knowledge to aggressively defend your rights and build a strong defense to achieve a favorable outcome in your case.

Attorney Matt Bingham is a criminal defense attorney in the Lindale, TX area. He is available 24 hours a day to meet with you, discuss your case, and help you understand the best course of action to move forward with your case.

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Matt Bingham is one of the most experienced trial lawyers in Smith County and East Texas. As the former Elected District Attorney, he has tried over 150 felony cases, over 25 of which were murder and capital murder cases and handled tens of thousands of felony criminal cases.

No matter what crime you’ve been charged with, Matt Bingham has successfully handled cases like yours. He understands how prosecutors approach a case and can develop an aggressive defense based on his thorough investigation of the facts of your case.

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony in Lindale, it is crucial to hire the most experienced criminal attorney you can afford. Your freedom depends on it. Contact Matt Bingham today to schedule a consultation.

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Homicide is not always a crime. The term broadly describes any circumstance where a person’s death is caused by the actions of another.  If the person is insane at the time of the homicide or acted in self defense, these affirmative defenses, if proven by the defense at trial, can result in the person charged being found not guilty. An in-depth overview is available on our homicide page.

The culpable mental state of the actor when he caused another person’s death should be thoroughly investigated. In some cases, it may be possible to show that the actor committed the criminal homicide with a less culpable mental state, such as criminal negligence, and is therefore not guilty of the intentional murder or capital murder he or she was charged with.

Each type of homicide comes with its own unique set of facts and circumstances. The smallest detail discovered during an in-depth investigation could be the difference between being convicted and going to prison for many years and having all charges dismissed or declined by the prosecutor.

You shouldn’t put the fate of your case in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer when your future and life are on the line. You need a trial lawyer with decades of comprehensive experience in trying criminal homicide cases to a jury. Having successfully tried to a jury over 25 murder and capital murder cases, Matt Bingham has the experience you want and need on your side.

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In Texas, violent crimes may include:

Individuals charged with a violent crime face severe consequences. Many people spend years or even decades in prison for a violent crime, especially when the defendant is alleged to have used or exhibited a deadly weapon during the commission of the event.

A successful defense in a case like this requires an experienced violent crimes attorney who knows how to scrutinize every piece of evidence and explore all defense options available in a particular case.

Contact Matt Bingham today to discuss your case with an expert attorney.

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Texas law aggresively punishes drug crimes. In 2019, there were over 128,000 arrests for drug related crimes, many of which were charged and sentenced to prison.

An experienced and skilled drug lawyer will carefully assess and evaluate every detail of the case to build the strongest defense possible on his clients’ behalf.

Investigating each and every detail of the arrest, the testing protocols, the search and seizure methods, and other details of the event are crucial to ensure the most effective defense available.

Matt Bingham is an experienced attorney who will investigate every detail of your case and aggressively defend you.

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Each time a person is convicted for DWI, the consequences become more severe. For example, in Texas, the first DWI conviction is a misdemeanor which may include a significant fine, jail time, plus a license suspension for 90 days to one year, as well as severe financial consequences. However, a third DWI conviction comes with a penalty of 2 to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine plus administrative fines under the Texas Transportation Code.

Many people who are convicted for DWI face other challenges as well such as difficulty finding employment and the social stigma associated with “drunk driving.”

Much is at stake for those who have been arrested for DWI. It is crucial to find a DWI attorney with experience investigating these events, challenging the evidence, the scientific testing and arguing these cases both inside and outside of the courtroom.

For example, a skilled lawyer will look at whether the officer or deputy:

Matt Bingham has worked as both a defense attorney and prosecutor for many DWI cases. He is the lawyer you want on your side when facing a DWI conviction.

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Even a small theft of $10.00 is considered a crime of “moral turpitude” in Texas. In other words, it’s a crime that forever tarnishes one’s reputation. That’s why a person convicted of theft can never serve on a jury, but more importantly, many people convicted of theft have much difficulty finding employment. The law considers someone convicted of theft as inherently dishonest, no matter how small the alleged theft was, or how long ago it occurred.

Theft can be committed in a variety of ways, from shoplifting to theft by check. However, the severity of consequences depends primarily on the value of the property stolen, and whether the person charged has a prior conviction for theft. Stealing a low-value item may be a misdemeanor resulting in a fine of no more than $500. Whereas being convicted of stealing a highly valuable piece of property may be considered a first-degree felony with consequences up to 99 years or life in prison.

Theft is a serious matter and requires the help of an experienced criminal justice attorney. If you’ve been arrested and charged with theft in Lindale, TX, contact Matt Bingham today.

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Theft and fraud are similar in that they both involve deceit, but it is important to understand that the two are different crimes because an individual can be charged and convicted of both.

Fraudulent crimes include:

If you have been charged with a criminal offense of fraud in Lindale, Texas, contact Matt Bingham immediately. He will investigate every detail of your case, aggressively represent you and ensure your rights are protected.

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Endangering a child is a crime that can strike the emotional cord of a jury due to the young age of the alleged victim.

This crime can be committed in a variety of ways, including:

Child endangerment cases are extremely complex and can be emotional for a jury. It is crucial to speak with an attorney who will carefully investigate your case, challenge the evidence and aggressively counter the allegations and arguments of the prosecutor.

When you contact Matt Bingham, we will discuss your case and advise you on how to move forward to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

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Sex crimes are extremely serious crimes and are prosecuted, and sentenced severely. Examples of sex crimes include:

These crimes can take place via social media, through a text, at home, at an institution, and elsewhere.

Sex crimes require a legal defense from the most experienced lawyers in the Lindale, TX area. The difference between a conviction and a reduced sentence or having all changes dropped often comes down to the smallest detail of the case. A lawyer who isn’t skilled in scrutinizing and challenging every piece of evidence presented by the prosecution may overlook a small piece of evidence that results in their client spending years in prison unnecessarily.

Having served as the former Elected District Attorney in Smith County for 23 years, Matt Bingham is one of the most qualified and experienced sex crimes lawyers in East Texas. He has experience both prosecuting and defending those charged with these crimes.

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If you've been charged with a crime in Lindale, TX or if you have any other criminal legal issues you need help with, call Matt Bingham to schedule a consultation.

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