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Getting arrested is extremely stressful, not only for the person getting arrested, but for their family as well. The person arrested has to come up with money for their bond, has to hire a lawyer, and often explain to their employer and family what has happened. Unfortunately, people also mistakenly assume that if you were arrested you must have done something illegal. This leaves the individual oftentimes feeling scared, alone and confused.

If you've been arrested, you need a criminal lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to not only protect your constitutional and legal rights, but who can explain to you and help you navigate this difficult time in your life.

At the Law Offices of Matt Bingham, we care about you, and work hard to get you the best possible outcome on your case. We build close relationships with our clients. The better you know your client and all aspects of your client’s life, as well as the case, the better your results will be.

Attorney Matt Bingham is a criminal defense attorney in the Whitehouse, TX area. Available 24 hours a day, Matt will discuss your case and help you understand the best course of action going forward.

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As the former Elected District Attorney for Smith County, Matt Bingham is one of the most experienced criminal trial lawyers in East Texas. 

Matt has tried to a jury over 150 felony cases, including over 25 murder and capital murder cases.  In addition to the cases tried to a jury, Matt handled tens of thousands of felony criminal cases.

Matt was a prosecutor and the Elected Criminal District Attorney of Smith County for almost 23 years. He has practiced criminal law since 1995. He understands how prosecutors approach cases. Matt believes thorough preparation is the cornerstone of success in any criminal case. This includes not only knowing every fact and detail about a case but knowing as much about your client and their life as possible.

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony in Whitehouse, TX, you need to hire the most experienced criminal attorney you can find. You and your family will be glad you did. Contact the offices of Matt Bingham today.

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Being charged with a violent crime in Texas is extremely serious due to the range of punishment, and the possibility, in a felony case, of the allegation that a deadly weapon was used. The allegation of a deadly weapon, if found true, can make your offense a half-time offense. This requires an individual to serve one-half of their penitentiary sentence before being eligible for parole.

Additionally, even if the charge is a misdemeanor assault, if it is alleged that the person assaulted was a family member, it can result in the individual not being able to possess firearms or ammunition for the rest of their life. This is true even if deferred adjudication probation is assessed.

From assault to aggravated assault, or murder, violent crimes can bring a sentence of years or decades in prison. However, these cases can also be very defensible.

At the Law Offices of Matt Bingham, we have the experience in violent crimes cases, to know how to investigate the case, identify the legal issues that exist, examine all defense options and closely  scrutinize all reports, discovery, witness statements and items of evidence, in order to develop the best defense strategy we can in your case.

Contact Matt Bingham, criminal defense attorney, to discuss your options.

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Driving while intoxicated is one of the most commonly committed crimes in Texas. It can also be one of the most complex cases to properly defend. DWI cases involve not only constitutional issues surrounding law enforcement stopping your vehicle, but also 4th Amendment issues surrounding the search of your vehicle, and the taking of a breath or blood sample. The proper defense of a DWI case necessitates the evaluation and understanding of the Constitutional issues surrounding the stop of your vehicle, the proper administration of the Standardized Field Sobriety tests per NHTSA standards, as well as the collection and testing of blood and breath samples by law enforcement.

A DWI charge can result in tough penalties such as incarceration, or probation, loss of driving privileges, as well as the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock system on your vehicle. In addition, your insurance rates can increase, and you might be disqualified for some jobs.

With such aggressive prosecution, it is a good choice to enlist the help of a DWI attorney in Gilmer, TX. Our experienced professionals will help you understand:

If you've been charged with a DWI in Gilmer, TX, take the time to discuss your charges with The Law Office of Matt Bingham.

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Drug crimes and punishment can vary significantly based on the type of drug or controlled substance, the amount, whether it is a possession case or a delivery, and whether there is a criminal history, or this is the person’s first arrest.

It is also important to look at the reason why the individual may have had the drug on them in the first place. One aspect of our firm is that we want to get to know our clients as people. We want to know as much about them and their life as we possibly can. Many times, when people are in possession of drugs, it is because they have some other area in their life that needs to be addressed. Whether the individual is dealing with a past trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression or a mental illness, there is often a reason behind them finding themselves in this situation other than a disregard for the law.

It is also a must that you look at all the Constitutional aspects of the law that are in play in these types of cases, such as reasonable suspicion to stop, and probable cause to search. Why did the police stop you, and how did they find the drugs?

Your lawyer should look closely at the chain of custody on the evidence and the testing protocol used to test the substance.

You should always hire the best lawyer you can afford. A lawyer experienced in the investigation and litigation of these types of cases.

From a misdemeanor drug charge to a felony charge, you need a criminal defense attorney who knows the law and has experience with cases like yours.

If you're facing any type of drug crime charges, contact the Law Office of Matt Bingham for help. He will discuss your case with you and help you navigate your case and the criminal justice system moving forward.

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